Ask the Critics: Where Can I Have a Karaoke Birthday?


Rebecca V. asks: My birthday is coming up and I want there to be both karaoke and tasty food involved. Where should I go?

Dear Rebecca: Karaoke and good food always make for an entertaining time, though most of the karaoke spots that I’ve been to have less than stellar food, if they serve grub at all. But New York abounds with karaoke spots, many of which have great restaurants nearby that make for good birthday celebration spots.

If you like Korean food, you can always start the evening off in K-Town. Korean fare, with its banchan and barbecue, makes for a fun group activity, so why not head to Cho Dang Gol, Kum Gang San, or New Wonjo for some kalbi and more? Then walk a few doors down to MK Karaoke Lounge and nab a private room for some singing. What’s fun about this karaoke spot is that you get a rating out of 100 points after each song.

If you’re not into private rooms, however, you can always head to Baby Grand, an intimate bar on Lafayette, where you can belt out tunes to the crowd. Where to eat before that? If you want fancy fare, go to La Esquina, or for cheaper Mexican, nearby Cafe el Portal would fit the bill.

And my last suggestion would be Hot Bird, which occasionally offers karaoke. Not only is it a fun bar, but you can get your foodie fix next door at Little Brother BBQ, which dishes up items like fancy franks and black-eyed peas. Also nearby is charming Italian spot Locanda Vini e Olii. Happy celebrating!