Lil’ Kim Walks All Over Me At The Blonds Show


And I loved it!

The Blonds — a/k/a Phillipe Blond (illustration below) and David Blond — put on a dazzling show last night at Milk, full of biker chic updated to three centuries from now.

It started with three hunky guys storming out in helmets and silver-tassle-sleeved black leather jackets, completely open to reveal their steamy chests.

Hell’s Angels have never been so heavenly.

Then out strutted a sizzling biker chick who, when the helmet came off, turned out to be none other than Phillipe Blond. Gorgeous.

And what followed was very Russ Meyer meets The Jetsons via Showgirls, bedecked with all sorts of crystals, spangles, beads, studs, and Cleopatra necklaces, vroom vroom.

The crowd was pretty dolled up, too, like well-cosmeticized Adam Lambert and mohawked R&B singer Cassie.

But after the show, a lady’s eight-inch high heel accidentally dug right into my freshly surgerized foot as she was swept into a high-glam photo op.

It was Lil’ Kim!

I will send her the hospital bill — and ask her to autograph it!