Linsanity!: Shake Shack’s Lin-Mint Shake


Jeremy Lin of Knicks renown just got a Shake Shack milkshake dedicated to him. Judging from the chatter of people waiting in the substantial Shake Shack line in Madison Square Park, it seems the Jeremy Lin-Mint shake — which will be offered at Shake Shacks throughout the city through February 19 — is becoming a big draw.

But is the Lin-Mint shake actually worth waiting for in a huge line in the pouring rain during your lunch hour? Well, yes. A blend of chocolate ice cream and chocolate mint cookies, the shake strikes a chord of Thin Mint-y flavor that’s just right. Gulping down a shake this good, you won’t notice that February weather is not ideal for consuming ice cream in the park.

We hope that just one of these days, Jeremy Lin will ditch his regular protein shake and try his eponymous drink. And speaking of Jeremy Lin and drinking, check out the Jeremy Lin Drinking Game so you’ll be ready for Sunday, when the Knicks play the Mavericks.