New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Anna Sui Dresses the Sophisticated Bookworm; Karen Elson Brings Her Daughter


Has Anna Sui been hanging out at Paris Review parties? This was the thought that immediately crossed our minds when out walked the model with the big glasses, blue cardigan, plaid skirt, and perfectly geeked-out cuckoo-clock print blouse. And then, just to make sure we got the point, Sui showed a georgette dress with tiny books printed all over it. The only thing missing was a Bolaño novel under the model’s arm.

As any bookish lady will tell you, cardigans are essential to staying warm while reading on the sofa in winter, and Sui had no shortage of them. Some were long and crocheted, some had ruffles, some had fringe, and some had love-letter embellishments. For those long walks to the indie bookshop, Sui offered up romantic navy velvet capes and wooly Mongolian faux fur coats. Other standouts from this charming collection included a plaid serape skirt with fringe, a thigh-skimming lacy black dress (even bookworms have to go to cocktail parties sometimes), and a patchwork velvet dress.

Though model Karen Elson, a Sui regular, didn’t walk in the show this time, she wasn’t far away in the front row with her daughter on her lap. May we suggest Mom buy two of Sui’s crocheted owl hats?