So Much New Diplo Songs


On March 27, dance music innovator-slash-cultural carpetbagger Diplo will release his first book, modestly titled 128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between. This is clearly a ridiculous development in the career of one Thomas Pentz, but at least this ego stroking has also occasioned the release of two pretty good new Diplo tracks.

Earlier this week Diplo released “Climax,” his collaboration with ever resilient loverman Usher, who has never found a pop trend he couldn’t latch on to. Which sort of makes him a no-brainer guest for this sort of thing. As far as Usher’s attempts to appeal to the the cool kid dance party goes, his supple falsetto fits better with Diplo’s sonic Adderall attack than it did’s Gaga-jacking on “OMG.”

Over at Spin you can check out “Express Yourself,” his collaboration with Nicky Da B, which sounds like one long hand-clap saluting a dying bassline. This song will bully its way in to your memory, whether you like it or not.