SSMpalooza: Jersey Legislature Passes Gay Marriage, Giving Second Governor Named Chris Chance to Sign Equality Law In One Week


Who knew this was possible? As New Jersey’s Assembly just passed a marriage equality bill 41-33, this week is turning out even gayer for marriage than last week was.

A couple days ago, in the happier half of A Tale Of Two Governor Chrises, Gov. Chris Gregoire signed marriage equality into law for the good people of Washington State. There will, almost assuredly, be enough signatures gathered by people like NOM to put the issue to a vote in November. Fortunately, Washington State is in the Ninth District, so such a voter referendum could fall directly under the precedent created by last week’s federal decision ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional.

And now New Jersey’s Assembly has passed a marriage equality bill, after it already passed in the New Jersey Assembly. The trouble is, Governor Chris Christie has vowed not to sign it, and the votes in Jersey’s legislature are shy of overriding his promised veto (and plan to put it on the ballot).

Still, there’s hope. Gov. Chris Gregoire has written to Gov. Chris Christie to ask him to consider her journey to signing. Christie, who recently appointed the first openly gay judge to New Jersey’s Supreme Court, might be “evolving” like the president. And, the marriage equality folks have until 2014 to get the few votes they need to override the veto.

And the fun doesn’t end in Olympia or Trenton, either — it’s going on to Annapolis! With Republican support, a marriage equality bill is moving to Maryland’s House of Delegates, which could have a floor vote as soon as Friday, Chris Geidner reports at MetroWeekly.