The Six Stupidest Things About Our Society


In ascending order of stupidity.

6. Fashion

Who cares what you wear as long as you wear something? Watching rich people carry on about designer labels that they amass with reckless expenditure is a tawdry exercise, especially when it doesn’t even look good on them!

5. Food

Again, yes, it’s important that everyone eats on a regular basis — and I wish the entire world could afford to do so — but the way foodies work themselves into such a lather about the latest mushroom bisque or the hottest new kale frittata is the same as fashion, only it gives you gas. Put it in perspective, people. A TV dinner and some pudding and I’m happy as a clam pie.

4. Politics

I guess we do need someone in charge or there would be total chaos, but the reality is that once people enter the political arena, they sacrifice their souls, deposit their hearts at the door, and go for corporate interests, hypocrisy, and wishy-washy beliefs that’ll help them get re-elected. Maybe total pandemonium would be better.

3. Religion

Musty old books filled with half-baked fairy tales are supposed to guide our culture, our laws, and our morality, no matter how much hypocrisy is worked into them and how much shameless ignorance is practiced on behalf of those who preach them. I’m not just talking about the Bible, mind you, but about all “holy” scriptures, all of which seem to end up getting corrupted and misused by haters. If you find comfort in religion, fine — enjoy! Just don’t tell me that your Good Book dictates the way I should live.

2. Sex

Yeah, it feels good — until you orgasm, and then you’re overcome with weird feelings of guilt, not to mention the sense that some heavy-duty cleaning up is in order. It’s really messy and tends to screw up everything — especially relationships. Face it, there would be a way lower divorce rate if sex didn’t exist at all. As for the birthing process, the old turkey baster trick works every time — and it’s delightfully not the least bit sexy!

1. The way you book a trip to Miami in the winter, desperate to go somewhere warm, only to realize that it’s warm right here in NYC! Maybe even warmer than Miami. God, global warming sucks!