Video: Dustin Wong Gets Diagonal


In this week’s print edition of the Village Voice, Jesse Jarnow profiled former Ponytail guitarist and recent New York transplant Dustin Wong. The improv-based composer talked about the making of his new album, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads noting that “I’ll start with shapes within the fret board–this little square goes into a little rectangle, and I’ll play it with a triangle. The melodies are shapes. There’s a triangle that’s breaking up the square, and within that, there’s an oval.”

It makes a bit more sense if you hear it. Or see it. Thankfully, Thrill Jockey has provided us with videos for “Diagonally Talking Echo” which certainly livea up to the “shadow” and “dream” part of the album title. Check it out, and then read Jarnow’s piece, if you have not done so already. And if you feel inclined to do even more investigating, Wong will be playing two sets next Friday, February 24, at La Sala.