What Should James Murphy Call His New Store?


Sound Of The City associate Ryan Dombal has an interview with former (sigh) LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy over at Pitchfork. It’s a good read, filled with all kinds of intriguing hints for what we can expect from the multi-hyphenated Murphy in the future.

According to the article, Murphy has done “quick, casual sessions” with excitably named locals Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Holy Ghost!, which sounds amazing. He has also recorded with over-hyped U.K. dance rock group the Klaxons, which sounds less amazing, though we’ll wait to hear it before passing judgment.

Murphy also mentions that he is going to open “a store that sells stuff” now that he has free time again. Let’s go ahead and assume that store will be in Williamsburg, probably on or near Bedford Ave.

There’s no mention of the store’s name, which is understandable. Simultaneously learning jiu-jitsu, finishing off a movie and being an in-demand producer probably leaves little time for such details. Since we always strive to be helpful around here, we went ahead and brain stormed a few appropriate titles for this highly anticipated store front. Feel free to use them all, James.

All You Want

New York, I Love You But I’m Bringing Down Prices

I Can (Provide) Change

Never Give It Away For Free

Present Company

Give It Up

What You Need

Unremembered Eighties

Just Keep It Boutique

If you’ve got any suggestions for this list, drop ’em below.