Andrew O’Connor: New York’s Coolest Priest and Beer Lover


Reverend Andrew O’Connor of Holy Family Church in Castle Hill is one of the city’s coolest priests. Not only does he drive a Vespa and have his own clothing line, he’s now teaming up with the new Bronx Brewery to grow hops for their beer, reports the New York Daily News.

Of course, monks and other religious figures have long-standing beer-making traditions, particularly the Trappists in Belgium and the Netherlands, and “abbey beer” is itself a distinct style of suds. Still, it’s interesting to see this tradition being revived both in America, and in an urban center like New York. O’Connor will begin employing members from from his own 900-member congregation to start planting hops next month. Then be on the lookout for some godly good beer from the Bronx Brewery.