Fashion Week, The Movie! They Unveiled It Last Night


Last night was the end of Fashion Week, and Lincoln Center cleared of glitter, silk, and eating disorders so the emphasis can go back to opera for several months.

But down at Tribeca Cinemas, the night marked a very special screening of The Tents, James Belzer‘s sweeping look back at the way fashion exploded when it became centered in the Bryant Park tents starting in the early ’90s.

According to the film, one of the reasons for the move there was that the previous locations were wildly dangerous.

At a Michael Kors show, plaster fell from the ceiling and treacherously tumbled onto journalist Suzy Menkes‘s pompadour as people gasped.

The next day, the headlines were, “We Live for Fashion, We Don’t Want to Die for It!”

In the film, Menkes remembers getting “cheesy flowers” from Kors after the incident, and not a word from anyone else, I guess because they were busy cleaning up the mess and scrambling to find a better location.

They found Bryant Park, which totally clicked, turning American designers into global brands and making the shows into sensational must-see events — until years later, when the city decided things had gotten too big for that location.

“I still don’t agree,” said fashion bigwig Fern Mallis at the screening last night, “but that’s another movie.”

In any case, the Lincoln Center venues are quite large, thank you.

As I say in the film, it’s so big there’s room for Anna Wintour, bloggers, crashers, and even little old me!