I Hear Banjos at The Wayland


The drink: I Hear Banjos

The bar: The Wayland (700 East 9th Street, 212-777-7022) We visited this month-old spot on Avenue C a few weeks ago, tried The Barnsville, and had such a good time that we came back for more.

The price: $11

The ingredients: Midnight Moon Junior Johnson’s Apple Pie Moonshine, bourbon, homemade spice apple bitters, and applewood smoke

The buzz: This cocktail employs a lot of smoke and mirrors — literally — the bartender traps applewood smoke on top of the cocktail with another upside-down glass; the idea is to let the smoke waft up to your nose while you take that first sip. But the flavors in the drink are simple, rustic, and perfect for a cold winter’s night. I Hear Banjos is served at the Wayland, where the men are bearded and plaid-clad and the drinks match that vibe. This particular cocktail is on the sweet side, so if you’re partial to the Old-Fashioned variety of whiskey drinks, ask the bartender to make it with less moonshine and more bourbon.