Matt Bomer Gay Developments! Yay Gay!


As you know, Matt Bomer came out several days ago by thanking his lover, Simon Halls, and their kids while accepting an award.

Yes, he did a Jodie (though he was more specific than she was and also hopefully won’t drop the ball on this and never mention it again).

He also apparently did a David Hyde Pierce and let OK magazine mention his lover and kids in an article about him.


And all I can say is … he must have read my very recent blog about how the stars of the upcoming movie of The Normal Heart had better come out since the project is about how “silence equals death”!

Even the straight ones should come out as gay, lol!

And Matt was in the reading of the play about Prop 8, too, so I’m glad his activist-laden projects are now matched with more openness.

(PS: He’s doing the play again — with George Clooney!)

“I love him, love him, love him, and I am so proud of him,” Bomer’s White Collar co-star Tim DeKay told E!’s Marc Malkin.

“He’s just a fantastic individual and I thought he did it in a very classy, elegant and eloquent way.”

Added DeKay, “I can’t imagine how many guys or gals were out there going, ‘If he could do it, I could do it.'”

Looks like Bomer’s hit a homer.