Ron Paul Might Win Maine? Pine Tree State Republicans To Release New Straw Poll Results


Ron Paul might be a winner. Maybe.

If you’ll recall, Paul got pissed off about the Maine caucuses — and not just because he lost to Mitt Romney. He said that the state Republican Party mishandled vote tabulation and because of that, the G.O.P.’s mess-up was disappointing.

It looks like a fair amount of towns that did caucus were not listed at all in the state’s final count, according to the Christian Science Monitor. And, as we all know, Washington County did not participate because of inclement weather — but the election happened to be called without them.

Sure, the Maine caucuses don’t have any actual weight on the electoral process — and that’s why Paul says he doesn’t care too much about the outcome. (Washington County’s votes might not have given Paul much of a margin over Romney, the Monitor reports).

Still, Maine’s GOP decided to recount the straw poll and release new results in early March — owing to the fact that the Paul polemic has brought a lot of scrutiny to the convoluted caucus process.

Ultimately, Paul is more concerned about the effect of the caucuses on delegate selection than a straight-up win, the paper writes: if he can pad the ranks of various state delegations with Paul supporters, he’ll be more influential in the Republicans’ platform-making process.

And policy-making, not power, would appear to be the ultimate victory for any libertarian candidate.