Should “Under God” Be In The Pledge Of Allegiance?


Some parents don’t think so, and they’re suing a school district in Acton, Massachusetts, over it.

And I think they’re right.

Infusing a worship of God into group pronouncements at school assumes a lot and balances the scales in favor of those who do choose to worship God over those who aren’t the least bit interested in it, though they’re perfectly responsible Americans anyway.

What if you pray to some other deity?

What if you don’t believe in religion at all?

Why should it be forced out of your mouth and into your head?

As the parents’ lawyer said about the pledge’s phrasing:

“That suggests that people who don’t believe in God are less patriotic than others, and that’s just not the truth.

“Humanists and atheists are citizens, they pay their taxes, they get good grades.”

Yes, they do. I give them an A for effort here.