Steven Jackson Given 48-Pack of NuVo Condoms After Steamy Tweet


Steven Jackson needs condoms, apparently — and a local company has stepped in to protect the St. Louis Rams running back.

Oceanside, New York-based NuVo Condoms, which also sponsors the World Series Beer Pong Tournament, of course — has decided to send Jackson a 48-pack after his now notorious tweet, where he wrote “I need condoms” after tweeting extensively about an upcoming trip to South America.

The company announced Jackson’s gift today.

In an e-mail, NuVo said it decided to send Jackson a pack “so that he can wrap it up and practice safe sex on his journey throughout South America” and is “glad that Jackson is trying to keep himself safe. Hopefully the 48-pack does the trick but if that isn’t enough for you Jackson, tweet at @nuvocondoms to get an additional supply!”

This isn’t the first time NuVo has advertised by aiding the amorous lives of athletes.

During February — which is also safe sex awareness month — NuVo has been sending the NBA player with the most blocks a condom care package each week “to honor their protection efforts.”