The Blogroll Gazette: Bartender Backlash; Colicchio’s West Village


A few favorite posts from our fellow blogs:

Diner’s Journal explores the latest issue of Lucky Peach and says that the magazine “isn’t just breaking the rules of magazine publishing. It’s flagrantly stomping all over them.”

Tasting Table tells us that bartenders are starting to challenge the trend of “labor-intensive and pricey” cocktails conjured up by mixologists.

Serious Eats has just started a series of neighborhood guides from chefs and food personalities. First up is Tom Colicchio’s guide to the West Village.

The Salt asks a medical expert if detox diets really work.

The New Yorker‘s Culture Desk finds out what’s up with Charlie Trotter closing his restaurant and pursuing a master-of-philosophy degree.

Paper and Salt reveals Elizabeth Bishop’s brownie recipe.

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