Ukrainian East Village Restaurant’s Potato Pancakes Just Might Be the Best in Town


Potato pancakes are one of life’s great culinary joys. When done properly, they represent the perfect balance between fried and crunchy and gooey and warming. Hell, they are a foodstuff that’s basically a vehicle for sour cream! But the world of potato pancakes is an unjust one. Often you’ll encounter thick, dense disks that sit like lead weights in your stomach. Other times they might be oily messes or underdone in the middle. But the perfect potato pancake exists. Look no further than the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant.

Quite frankly, these are the lightest, most delicate potato pancakes we’ve ever sampled, which was a shock given that they look rather dense on first glance. Unlike a classic latke, in which the potato is shredded into strands, the potato here is minced superfine. A hearty addition of egg whites also helps lighten up the batter. The result is a crunchy, gooey, ethereally light pancake that can be topped with sour cream or apple sauce — or both, if you’re willing to spend an extra 50 cents (and you should) for a grand total of $7.45. This hot potato’s a keeper, that’s for sure.