Whitney Houston’s Funeral: Make Sure To Watch


This is the biggest must-see tragic viewing since Michael Jackson‘s memorial (though her family wants quite a different feeling — something smallish and intimate).

It will be poignant, tearful, and filled with people who loved and felt for Whitney, as well as some who probably asked too much of her as they forced her into their idea of what she should represent and achieve.

The event will happen tomorrow at noon at Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church.

Gospel singer and family friend Marvin Winans will perform the eulogy.

Heavyweights like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder will sing — and no doubt sing her praises.

Dionne Warwick, Alicia Keys, and Tyler Perry (out of drag) are also on the bill.

And The Bodyguard‘s Kevin Costner is reported to be speaking.

(Hopefully, he won’t use the word “neat.”)

What’s more, Bobby Brown is showing up, despite reports that he was unwanted there.

It will all be viewable online at, and it’s also available for broadcasters.

I’m definitely turning off the abs-machine infomercial for this.

Farewell, Whitney.

They can sing and wail and praise Jesus for you, but they’ll never replace your voice.