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William Shatner’s On Broadway?


No, he’s not just walking up and down the street.

He’s actually in a show.

His own show, called Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It.

I imagine he talks about his Twilight Zone episode with the gremlin on the wing, the other one where he’s dominated by a fortune-telling machine, his odd musicianship, which even tops Telly Savalas’s for sheer collectibility …

And oh yeah, there was that Star Trek thing.

But why imagine?

The reviews are out, and the Times one calls the evening “chatty, digressive, and often amusing.”

Perhaps the most chatty, digressive, and amusing moment of all is the anecdote about Shatner understudying Christopher Plummer in a production of Henry V and having to go on in the role despite having had no rehearsal!

Talk about sci-fi!

But he’s rehearsed Shatner’s World a lot, I’m sure.

Says the actor himself:

“I’ve been refurbished. I hope the theater is, too.”