Queens Teacher Gets Into Spit Fight With Student


There are few things that are more disgusting than accidentally touching A.B.C. Gum hiding under your chair, but having your student place his chewed gum in your mouth is one of the grossest things we’ve ever heard of. The New York Post reports that David Pecoraro, a math teacher at Beach Channel High School in Far Rockaway, has been put on administrative duty after a cellphone video surfaced on YouTube that features Pecoraro getting into heated words with a student. Just before the video ends, it looks and sounds like the teacher hocks a loogie on the student’s head. The Post managed to get a hold of Pacoraro, who told them, “The kid put gum he had tried to put on my rear end that was already chewed and that was on his desk in my mouth — and I spit it out. Then he spit in my face.”

The fight apparently starts after the student in the video will not comply when Pecoraro asks the boy to remove a jacket from over his head. Pecoraro tries to take the jacket off himself and the student swings back. He then starts screaming, “You want to go to jail now? You don’t touch me!” It’s a bad scene.

Feel free to judge for yourself whether or not Pecoraro should be allowed to teach in a classroom.