SSM Update: NJ Gov Follows Through On Promise To Veto Bill, Maryland On The Road To Equality


On Thursday, we told you about the passage of a bill in New Jersey’s Assembly that would make same sex marriage legal in the state. N.J. Governor Chris Christie promised that he would veto the bill when it landed on his desk, and he held true to his word. The New York Daily News says that Christie wants “voters to decide whether New Jersey changes the definition of marriage.” Unfortunately, as the Voice‘s Steven Thrasher said on Thursday, “the votes in Jersey’s legislature are shy of overriding his promised veto.” The bill’s suporters have until January of 2014 to get the few key votes necessary to override the governor.

In much happier news for SSM proponents, the Maryland House of Delegates passed marriage legislation by a vote of 71-67. It now heads to the state Senate, where it’s expected to pass easily. Unlike Gov. Christie, Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley already has thrown his support to marriage equality and said he would sign the bill.

President Obama’s ever-“evolving” position on the issue continues to do just that. Yesterday, he wrote to congressional leaders to tell them that the administration would not argue against gay military service members suing the government for not recognizing their marriages, The Washington Post reports. This is an extension of his position on the Defense of Marriage Act, which he famously deemed “legally indefensible.”