Washington Square Park Hawks Have Sex On Top Of The Cross


Perhaps no saga over the past year has enthralled New Yorkers more than the twisted tale of love and death between the red-tailed hawk couple of Washington Square Park, Bobby and Violet. First, Violet managed to have an adorable miracle baby named Pip. Then soon after giving birth, Violet sustained a leg injury and Bobby began to have an affair. The heartbreak must have been too much and Violet died very quickly after the news broke. The-other-woman was officially named “Rosie” after a ballot-counting scandal. Rosie and Bobby have laid low for quite some time until this week when The New York Times‘ City Room blog caught them porking on top of the cross of Judson Memorial Church.

The Times carefully describes Bobby’s moves:

He slowly landed on Rosie’s back, where he stayed for about six seconds, then lifted himself into the air and then sat next to her for about 15 minutes. Ms. Shum was hoping they would repeat the act, but Bobby flew east.

Cuddle time? What a great guy.

The response from park visitors ranged from strangers accusing the birds of sanctifying the cross, to a reverend from the church saying “We’re used to miracles around here.”

Here’s a video of the “copulation,” if you’re into that whole bird sex thing: