Representative Michael Grimm Defends Himself Against Allegations of Illegal Fundraising


Staten Island Republicans opened their brand-new headquarters this weekend, and local leaders took the opportunity to defend Congressman Michael Grimm. The rep was recently accused of raising illegal funds by an article in The New York Times. Grimm gave a speech about his dog Sebastian, which brings back memories of Richard Nixon’s “Checkers” speech. “He sneaks around the couch in my office, and he goes behind the desk where the staff can’t see him, and he leaps with his fangs out and tries to bite the mailman right on the butt … I tell my staff, ‘It’s OK, Sebastian thought he was delivering The New York Times!'” And the crowd went wild.

The Staten Island Advance, sat down with Representative Grimm, and he blames the accusations on his upcoming election.

“The timing is exactly right for a political hit,” said Grimm, pointing out that a judge has ordered the congressional primary moved to June from September, meaning there is little time for another Dem to get in.

Last week, Grimm was replaced by longtime Staten Island politician Guy Molinari as the New York delegate for Mitt Romney. The Advance reports that Grimm is going to the convention as an “at-large delegate and was therefore freeing up the formal delegate slot for someone else.”