Lab-Grown Hamburger to Premiere This Fall


A Dutch scientist has demonstrated that there’s still new hamburger territory to be explored — the artificial hamburger. Dr. Mark Post, of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, has developed a way to grow synthetic meat in fermentation vats, according to The Independent. Next fall, he will hire a famous chef — Heston Blumenthal is the current favorite for the position — to prepare a burger out of the fake meat and serve it to a group of testers who will determine if it tastes real.

For the taste test, Post’s laboratory will need to grow 3,000 pieces of meat, which is made by merging muscle fibers cultured from stem cells with synthetic fat pieces. The final cost of producing the test burger is expected to total €250,000 (about $330,000).

The scientists had a hard time getting the meat to have the pink color, texture, and flavor of natural raw beef, and Post told The Independent that he is not completely confident in the final result. “I am a little worried, but seeing and tasting is believing,” he said.