Year of the Takeout Day 49: Random Florida Takeout Part Trois


Chicken With Lemon Sauce

This edition of Year of the Takeout will be quick and (relatively) painless — just a few observations on an uncommon dish.

So, behold chicken with lemon sauce. Now, the texture of the poultry is quite unique — typically at fast-Cantonese restos, meats get “breaded” with a quick dusting of cornstarch. Here, the chicken breasts have been coated with full-on fry batter — similar to what you would encounter plopped ungraciously on a Caesar salad at a T.G.I. Friday’s, or something.

And while the sauce has exactly the same syrupy consistency as sweet and sour sauce, the taste takes on a purely citrusy punch — think lemon-infused corn syrup, and you’ve got the right idea.

YotT hasn’t frequently encountered lemon sauce in our adventures (in fact, we don’t remember coming across it at all, but would have to consult all the takeout menus we’ve been hoarding to be absolutely sure). Have y’all come across this variety? What about this type of breading? Let us know in the comments!