Britney’s Acting Weird Again! Yay!


Britney Spears curbed her bizarre public behavior a while ago and the result was that she pulled her act together while remaining a viable music star.

Good for her. But an unfortunate side effect of this wonderful development is that the headlines stopped!

Without all the messy stuff happening, Britney ceased to sell tabloids, paving the way for other flashy, outrageous personalities and messes to dominate the pop media.

Well, there might be a sea change happening.

One tab claims that Britney was sweet but bizarre at a Beverly Hills spa recently.

Her eyes looked “glassy” and she seemed “lethargic.”

When the session was over and the masseuse asked her if she wanted to add another 15 minutes, Britney looked confused and didn’t seem to understand.

“What does that mean?” she wondered, ditzily.

As the star left, she dropped a bunch of change and didn’t bother to pick it up.

Well, that part I can understand — she hardly needs coinage.

But the spa workers wondered if that was her tip — “because she sure as hell didn’t give one!”

Yay! We love weird Britney!

On paper, anyway.