Red Hook Ball Park Vendors in Possible Peril


Say it ain’t so! The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the Latin American and Mexican food-truck vendors who sell their tasty pupusas, huaraches, ceviches, and tacos at the Red Hook Ball Park are having their businesses threatened by a new Parks Department regulation. The new rule gives ball-field preference to youth leagues, whereas the adult soccer teams who form a customer base for the food trucks may be forced to seek new pitches. For the food-truck vendors, that means a potential loss in foot traffic.

According to the paper, the soccer players account for about half of the vendors’ profits, and also have helped establish a vibrant hub for Latino food culture. It’s not the first setback for the vendors, either, having had to deal with tightened regulations and abandoning carts for trucks. The food-vendor season usually begins at the end of April; time will tell whether the ball fields will still be a mecca for great cheap eats.