Rihanna And Chris Brown Together Again: Ugh


Three years after he brutally attacked her in a way that made international headlines, Chris Brown sings on a new Rihanna remix, and she returns the favor by crooning on one of his.

Could you just cry?

As you’ll recall, Rihanna started softening almost immediately, and she eventually allowed a judge to lessen the restraining order she has against Chris.

(He obviously lessened it a lot if they recorded together.)

And the public, guided by the music industry itself, obviously is experiencing the same pangs of forgiveness and acceptance.

After all, Chris’s number was cheered at the Grammys last week, and he even copped an award there while many non-lawbreakers sat there empty-handed.

In showbiz, success tends to make past horrors melt away, and that only leads to more success.

So should we just get behind Chris’s redemption, especially since he’s selling lots of records? (He creates hits, as it were.)

The guy went through all the requisite apologizing and counseling, and he hasn’t acted up again, as far as we know.

As a result, does Chris deserve this second shot at fame (and at Rihanna’s attention — if not her face)?

And if you said yes, were you ever looking forward to an O.J. and Nicole duet?