Some Americans Heart NY: Poll


Suck it, New Jersey!

More Americans like New York, your neighbor to the north, according to a new study.

Public Policy Polling has determined that 40 percent of Americans think of New York favorably — compared to a mere 25 percent who viewed NJ favorably (via Politicker’s Colin Campbell).

If 40 percent doesn’t sound too impressive, consider: It’s still among the top 15 states!

New York wasn’t unconditionally loved, though: 29 percent of those surveyed didn’t view the state favorably, which isn’t much less than New Jersey (disliked by 32 percent.)

Americans’ fave state is Hawaii — approved by 54 percent and disapproved by a mere 10 percent.

Ladies liked the The Empire State a lot more than men: 43 percent compared to dudes’ 36 percent approval rating.

And no big surprise here: liberals tended to like New York more than conservatives.