More Scientology Miracles! And L. Ron Hubbard Tells You How to Make a Slave


Fellow Scientology watchers, we’re working on several big stories for you. In fact, we went out of town this weekend on a fact-finding mission, and we are planning to tell you about that soon.

But for now, those stories aren’t quite ready. In the meantime, we were so happy to see how popular was Monday’s special look at Advance! magazine, we’re going to bring you some more of that nuttiness to tide you over.

Today, in honor of Scientology’s most cynical holiday, CELEBRITY DAY, we’ve selected some really precious excerpts from way back in 1973, when being a Scientologist wasn’t such a stigma, and could even get you laid, maybe.

As we explained Monday, Advance! is the magazine for experienced church members who are interested in moving up L. Ron Hubbard’s Bridge to Total Freedom, spending enormous amounts to learn the “Operating Thetan” secrets of spiritual enlightenment. These levels promised church members the ability to leave their bodies and perform all sorts of amazing things just with the power of their minds! Having absorbed those super powers, Scientologists liked to share their experiences in the pages of Advance!, and we were recently sent a stack of the magazine that covers the 1970s.

We’ll start with issue 20, which has a fabulous photo of Hubbard himself with a couple of e-meters, no doubt exploring exploits trillions of years back on his “whole track”!


Advance! Issue 20 (Aug/Sep 1973)

There I was, outside late at night, far from my body, watching two fellows suspiciously walking by an apartment house. There was a girl of about 22 inside the apartment house getting ready for bed. A short time passed and she was asleep. Then the two fellows threw a garbage can under her window, opened it and broke in. The girl didn’t have a chance. She was stabbed as she attempted to yell. The place was ransacked and the men ran.

In the morning I was in quite a muddle. I knew I’d see headlines about the incident in the newspaper, but they weren’t there. All of a sudden I realized it hadn’t happened yet! It was going to happen tonight!

I was greatly relieved and thought “What can I do?” I decided to exteriorize at the same time that night and handle it.

That night I went there, saw the same guys doing the same thing they did the night before and the girl doing the same thing, too.

But as the two walked by the apartment this time I put out an intention to divert them from the very idea of it.

They walked right on by, never even noticing the window of the girl’s apartment. She had a good night’s sleep and woke up with the dawn. — Brian Sheen, OT

One day while watching a live soccer game on television I became aware of the clouds overhead my house and began pushing them around. This was fun.

Then I became aware of the clouds at the location of the soccer game and began moving them around, mostly to make the sun shine on the soccer game.

Then I found a new game. I flowed a theta flow to the players on each team and the results were fantastic. The tempo of the game doubled and the players kicked the ball twice as far as they had been kicking it.

Then I stopped the flow. The game went back to normal.

Then I started the flow and the tempo of the game again doubled. — Paul Nickel, OT

One evening on my way home from work, I was in bumper to bumper freeway traffic going about 70 miles per hour, working my way up to a spot where the highway widens to three lanes so I could zip down the inside lane and pass a large pack of cars.

As we all came up a rise, I was out of the car about six feet to the left and 2 feet over the roof.

Instantly there were brake lights going on, cars swerving, tires squealing — general traffic chaos. I quickly established my space, kept all cars out of it so my vehicle wouldn’t be hit and literally “latched” on to every car around me that I could find and stopped them.

One man was going off the road on a bridge which is a poor thing to do. I pulled him back, stopped all the cars, pushed some ahead, moved some over and generally readjusted the whole group of cars.

I felt like I had nice long arms and was playing chess with automobiles. This whole incident couldn’t have taken 5 seconds to occur but time never seemed present; I had all the time I needed to do my thing.

I wish to add that this whole happening seemed so easy and just what I ought to be able to do. I don’t recommend causing situations like that one but it was fun handling it. — Bucky Roberts, OT


[It’s interesting to see this 1973 price list, in which the OT levels seem positively cheap. The full OT I to OT VIII will cost you something like $350,000 today — T.O.]


Clearing Course $800.00 ($760.00 5-percent advance payment discount price)
OT I $75.00 ($71.25)
OT II $500.00 ($475.00)
OT III $875.00 ($831.25)
OT III Expanded — free to anyone successfully completing OT VII.
OT IV* $75.00 ($71.25)
OT V $875.00 ($831.25)
OT VI $350.00 ($332.50)
OT VII** ($75.00) ($71.25)
OT VIII $500.00 ($475.00)

TOTAL POWER PACKAGE (OT I — OT VIII)*** $3,000.00 ($2,850.00)

*Plus $200.00 for special auditing by a Class VIII — no discount
** Plus any extra fee for special auditing actions. A minimum of 5 hours for $150.00 (no discount) is purchased at the start of the level.
*** Package prices do not include special auditing on OT IV and OT VII.


Make your check or money order payable to “AOLA”.

Advance! Issue 21 (Oct/Nov 1973)

From “Specific Parts of Self-Determinism” by L. Ron Hubbard

“If you wanted to make a slave out of any man, all you would have to do is by a very very gradient scale start him in placing things in space and time for you. It would start out with something like many of the social gestures and courtesies. You make it a custom to always hand him your hat to hang up. You make it a custom to always let her pour the teacup full and then pass it to you, and always to be a little bit further away to be passed to. And the next thing you know — that’s it. You would have a slave.”

OT Phenomena Successes

About a week after I got back home from the AO [Advanced Organization] a friend and I were driving home when we saw a single, big cloud in the sky. We decided to go out in the country to get a better look at it as it was absolutely glowing with heat lightning.

When we got out to the country my friend and I were watching the lightning but also digging on the beautiful fields and just sort of enjoying being alive and being in Scientology.

I started to pay more attention to this cloud because it seemed very strange — it was the only one in the sky, it was very large, and the lightning was making it glow very beautifully. The most wonderful light show I’ve ever seen.

All of a sudden I cognited that someone was controlling this whole situation.

I went up into the cloud to find out for sure, and sure enough, there was a being up there. He wasn’t real friendly all the time as he was shifting valences (identities) pretty fast, but he was real pleased that somebody was enjoying the effects that he was creating. We watched his show for a while longer, and then I decided to play some games like flow a huge quantity of ARC or admiration at him right into his cloud.

Whenever I did this the lightning would flash instantly.

This particular incident is just one of the many that I’ve had since I’ve been home (from the AO).

I’ve found that there are bodiless thetans all over and that most of them are very willing to get new bodies, they’ve just needed someone to tell them what to do.

If I really want a particular kind of weather, I can get it.

But to me, that isn’t the real pleasure I get out of being an OT. It’s just getting up every day and feeling really good and excited and walking down the street or through a park or through the woods and being able to totally duplicate the beauty of that space.

It is having enormous amounts of affinity for my friends and people I have just met or people I don’t even know. It is being able to enjoy the game of life, not get upset about it, and simply be able to learn and have fun. That’s being OT for me. — Joel Morris, OT

I had an experience that very clearly revealed the nature of future track.

I was surfing, had my space way out, and was not being affected by the determinisms of my co-surfers.

I threw my attention out 60-90 seconds into the future. I received vivid vision of a situation. 60-90 seconds later the exact situation occurred.

I tried this several times and each time the future track visualization was manifested letter perfect in the physical universe.

Then for the test. From present time I began altering my standard operating postulates — lo and behold the future track visio began shifting to accommodate my present time postulates. When present time arrived at the point earlier viewed it was exactly as viewed with the shifts — Lennie A. Roland, OT

I don’t know about you, but when I think about surfers with the ability to see 90 seconds into the future, I get some serious chills down my spine.

Well, that’s our selection for today. Keep those tips and story ideas pouring in. We’re trying to get to them as quickly as we can!

And come back at 1 pm today, when we have an announcement about a striking new…well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is that should be worth your time, Scientology watchers…

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he’s been writing about Scientology at several publications.

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