Robert Sietsema at Barboncino; Lauren Shockey at Caffè Storico


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema heads to Crown Heights to see how Barboncino’s pizza holds up against New York City’s finest, and decides that “as an artifact from another time and continent, Barboncino’s margherita is unsurpassed.”

After tasting Caffè Storico’s house-made noodles, Lauren Shockey ponders the current state of museum dining: “Eating well while getting your daily dose of culture has never been easier.”

Pete Wells takes on Shake Shack: “Shake Shack’s pitch is that, yes, even in New York, we can all return to a simpler, cleaner, friendlier place and time. It delivers on that pitch most reliably in its shakes and custards.”

Silvia Killingsworth visits Isa in Williamsburg and remarks that “diners are often so disarmed by the food that they break the fourth wall to consult with their neighbors.”