Shake Shack, Yelped


This week, the Times‘ Pete Wells reviewed Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack chain and gave it one star, writing that its food is inconsistent and its burgers unremarkable. Most Yelpers would beg to differ. They have come out in numbers (2,548 reviews have been posted for the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park alone) to shower Shack Shack with stars, extol its sublime beef and creamy shakes, and, most importantly, compare it to the West Coast fixture In-N-Out Burger. By and large, their biggest issue with Shake Shake, especially the one in Madison Square Park, is the long wait. Some favorite Yelp comments, after the jump.

Five Stars
“Burger was amazing and cheese fries were paralyzing. Key Lime Pie frozen custard in 30 degree weather, enough said.” –Ari P.

“Is it worth the wait? yes it is!!!! Double shake shack burger with a concrete of choice, and cheese fries! I would recommend to order a shake shake burger to go in case you want another one later on after a nice night of clubbing.” –Kat L.

“As a long-time In-N-Out fan, I’ve got to say that Shake Shack wins hands down for their flavors and texture. I was so mightily impressed by the buns alone (slightly sweet with a chewy texture). I think I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms.” –Esther S.

“I feel that the last 26 years of my life were a sham without shake shack.  This is coming from a girl who doesn’t like burgers to begin with and peels the skin off of chicken to avoid the fat. I want to eat shake shack for the rest of my life.” –N.C.

Four Stars
“Is there a line longer than the nile river? Yes. But, this is the best burger in NYC. That doesn’t say much. In reality burgers in NYC are subpar as a whole but this is as good as it gets without driving to Cali for some In-N-Out.” –Shawn M.

Three Stars
“We were there on a random weekday at a random hour where we thought no
one would bother to get food … we thought WRONG. All people do is EAT in NY…must be nice! We were standing in line for about an hour …” –Michelle V.

“It’s a very touristy popular place, so if you’re just touring – like I was – then maybe give it a try. But I doubt anytime in my future will I be like “OH EM GEE, I WANT A SHAKE SHACK BURGER NOMNOM” – I’ll resort to In & Out instead.” –Andy P.

Two Stars
“Like the Great Wall of China, the Shake Shack line can be seen from space.” –Grant C.

“What could be better than a summer burger and butterscotch shake al fresco? A burger that isn’t incredibly salty and doesn’t take 8374623984hours to get. This place is like the guy you really want to like, he looks good on paper, but in reality? SALTY.” –Neera J.

One Star
“people are crazy. i rode by on my bike last month. i saw a line with nearly 100 people. that is a very long line.” –Brave G.