The Tree Of Life Wins Film Lovers Poll


The poll was taken at a panel I was on last night at the Strand Bookstore.

Slate‘s Dana Stevens, Salon‘s Andrew O’Hehir, and myself were there to gab about the Oscar race.

(The New Yorker‘s David Denby, also scheduled, mysteriously never showed up.)

After our talk, MC Deborah Reinisch asked the crowd to pick their own favorites in each category — i.e., the ones they think should win rather than will win.

For Best Picture, the most votes were given to The Tree of Life.

That’s the challenging, unnerving, but brilliant Terrence Malick film that really kicks in after the first six hours!

(And all three of us scribes heartily agreed with the choice.)

The Descendants came in second.

The Artist only came in fourth!

And garnering zero — you heard me, zero — votes were Extremely Loud …, The Help, and War Horse.

I wish Malick had been there to pick up the only award he’ll get for his formidable Tree.

And I wish that, when the event ended, I hadn’t strolled slowly to the elevator, hoping to get some ecstatic feedback over my remarks on the panel.

All I got was one man saying, “Did you really invent the word ‘celebutard’?”

I wanted to scream out the name of one of the Best Picture nominees: