Tyler Perry Was Spotted Out Of A Dress!


In his new movie, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds!

And it looks as shocking as Pee-wee Herman in a tuxedo!

From the trailer, this one looks pretty serious and at times dour, with none of the wigs, frocks, overheated hijinks, and fun of a Medea flick.

(There are no screenings, so I have to rely on guesswork here.)

Tyler is going for capital-D Drama with a message — just like he did when he directed For Colored Girls … — so he’s low-key and earnest as a button-down rich guy who develops “complicated feelings” for a single mom.

You have to admire his attempt at range. Like most film comics, he aims to do Hamlet, albeit his own way.

But can he pull it off, while yanking off the dress?

Do you want to see this attempt at commercialized stretching (which opens this Friday, by the way)?

Do you want to see him at all after his testifying monologue at Whitney’s home-going procedure?

And did I tell you it’s two hours and nine minutes long, according to one site (111 minutes, according to another)?