Logo Is Going In More Of A Not-Just-Gay Direction


Their new shows, apparently, don’t emphasize gay leads.

They’re the kind of shows that could just as easily be on Bravo or other not-exclusively-gay networks.

I had heard a while ago that the gay channel was trying to mix things up in this direction.

And I recently heard from a guy who pitched a show there that he was told it was “too gay.”

The official reason for the changes is that gays are now everywhere in our culture and this new slate of programming is merely reflecting the multitude of interests gays have other than just being gay.

But blacks are everywhere, too. Does this mean BET should show reruns of Too Close for Comfort?

Two other observations:

*This fits in perfectly with the way some gay publications put straights on the cover, with the angle, “Hey, gays like these people.”

*At least now when people say, “Why aren’t you on Logo?” I’ll have a good excuse.