Michael Lucas vs. Frank Whaley! Feud!


This sizzling Chelsea contretemps was just fed to me by a friend of gay-porn man Michael Lucas.

I’ll present it as it came in and then follow it with Whaley’s response.

“According to an insider, Michael Lucas, CEO of Lucas Entertainment, is having a feud with his next door neighbor and actor Frank Whaley (Pulp Fiction, Swing Kids) over the placement of a door.

“‘Michael Lucas is currently renovating his apartment and one of the aspects is moving his front door to be five feet away from Frank’s apartment. Michael had heard that Frank was moving and did not think it would be an issue.’

“‘Michael had his architects and contractors explain the construction to the building board to get approval.’

“At the board meeting, that Frank happens to be a member of, ‘Frank stood up and said that he was absolutely against moving the door, but when questioned why … he could not give an answer.’

“Michael responded by saying ‘he has lived through the birth of his two loud children and Frank’s numerous requests to turn down the volume of his TV at 9pm, the least he could do would be to allow the renovation.’ Frank then stormed off and resigned from the board!

“Afterwards, Michael’s renovation was approved 🙂 The source adds, ‘Michael did not mean to hurt his feeling but afterwards, Frank and his wife have ignored Michael and will use the stairs instead of sharing an elevator with him.’

“QUOTES FROM MICHAEL: ‘I’m glad that the Whaleys are moving and I wish them all the best. I hope that Frank will find a good shrink. That might even help to finally land him some new film roles.'”

PS: The two apparently had some awkward moments before all this door stuff.

And now, the response from Frank Whaley’s representative:

“Frank has been out of town working and is unaware of any feud with his neighbor. Thank you.

“All the best.”