Same-Sex Marriage Contributed 200K to City Coffers: Report


New York City made quite a bit of money on gay marriage — 200,000 bucks, in fact.

Cash flow into the city’s marriage bureau shot up since August, when same-sex nups got enacted, according to the New York Post.

The office took in $2.26 million — up from $2 million during that same period in 2010, the newspaper reports.

From July 24, 2010, to February 22, 2011 — the city clerk’s measurement period — New York issued 36,913 marriage licenses.

From July 24, 2011, to February 22, 2012, however, the city gave out 41,967.

As gay marriage gains momentum across the U.S., it’s going to be interesting to see how pols react to this bit of news. Right-wingers decry the decline of marriage but don’t want to recognize same-sex matrimony, which is not only flourishing — but can clearly provide a boost to cash-strapped municipalities.