Botox Party Tonight! With Wine And Cheese!


And it’s on the early side, so you can pulverize your forehead by 9:30, then head to the clubs looking fierce!

“Friday 2/24/12 6:30PM – 9:30PM

“Champagne, Wine, Cheese & BOTOX with the amazing view from the 14th Floor of hmcDENTAL in Hell’s Kitchen with Dr. Jeffery G. Reagan

“RSVP is a MUST to have a Botox Treatment or your own personal consultation with Dr. Reagan.

“RSVP: or on Facebook

“Cash and Credit Cards Accepted”

“So people can actually get Botoxed at the bash?” I asked the publicist, excitedly.

“Yes,” she replied, “in a private room — $10 a cc unit for cash, $12 a cc unit for credit card.

“He will do a consultation for those that have not had botox before (and if would like to have botox at that time, they can) and others that know can have the treatment right then as well.”

Only $10 a shot? That’s cheaper than the other way people freeze their faces — an apple martini!