Councilman Jumaane Williams: Cops Must Give Out Business Cards After Stop-and-Frisks


Councilman Jumaane Williams has continued to put pressure on the NYPD to improve its strained relationship with minorities.

Williams, who has long demanded that Mayor Mike Bloomberg hold the city’s cops accountable, will propose three police-reform bills next week — and one calls for cops to give out business cards after performing stop-and-frisks.

First reported by the New York Daily News, the proposed law would protect New Yorkers from illegitimate police searches.

Cops would also be required to tell prospective perps that they do not have to agree to a search.

Runnin’ Scared caught up with Williams’ office this morning.

Stefan Ringel, a spokesman for Williams, tells us that a press conference detailing the three proposed measures would take place Wednesday.

All are aimed at improving police-community relations, he says.

“Too often, those who are stopped and frisked ask for information off the shield or they try to copy it down, and there’s some sort of tension,” Ringel says.

“We think that better policing for all is mainly about improving police-community relations. The bills would go a long way to do that and build these sorts of bonds.”

The reg, if passed, wouldn’t apply to undercover agents. Similar measures are in place in Portland, Ore., Minneapolis, Colorado and Arkansas, the paper notes.