I Saw The Two Foreign Animated Films That Are Oscar Nominated


The animated-film nominators have a lovely habit of not just going for blockbuster Hollywood fare all the time.

In fact, The Adventures of Tintin wasn’t even nominated, possibly because of a bias against stop-action technology (though it was amazing-looking, no matter what you thought of the storytelling).

What they did nominate includes two foreign cartoons that seem handmade and homemade in comparison to the other chosen films.

Chico & Rita is a sexy, swirling romance set in Cuba and other world hubs, filled with music, dancing, spirit, and melancholy.

And A Cat in Paris is a short little thing about a mute girl (one of many non speaking characters this year) who ends up battling it out with the man who killed her father.

She’s sort of a female Hugo meets Tintin, but the film has its own droll style.

These two will be duking it out for a trophy alongside celeb-driven movieland fare like Rango, Puss in Boots, and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Just their appearance in the category adds a touch of imagination to it, showing that animation can be acknowledged far outside the machinery of Southern California.

Try to check them out if you want to find out what’s out there beyond Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil.