Will Billy Crystal Score? Here’s Some Insight


An article by Sheila Marikar on points out that Billy Crystal has returned to Oscar-hosting amidst a whole new cultural landscape.

Says the piece, there is now “a general sense that movie stars can’t be covered in a wholesome, fun for the whole family sort of way.”

Enter Billy Crystal.

He’s old-school.

He’s setup-puchline-rimshot.

He’s not mean.

And he should do fine.

As I am quoted saying in the article:

“When Eddie Murphy left the gig, along with his friend Brett Ratner, it was a good chance to bring back a more feelgood, dependable choice.

“Yes, it is a new landscape out there, but I think Billy’s brand of gentle mocking is timeless and after the last debacle, just straightforward gags will score.”

Besides, Billy can think on his feet and be spontaneously funny, unlike last year’s hosts.

Billy himself has admitted that he realized he should come back when Melissa Leo said “fuck” and the hosts didn’t respond with a single word.

Hopefully Christopher Plummer will say fuck!