Year of the Takeout Day 53: Hing Huang Restaurant Corp.


Dumplings With Water Spinach from Hing Huang Restaurant Corp. (111 Lafayette Street, 212-274-0691)

It’s not unheard of that a simple dish can be outright astonishing.

And something about Hing Huang’s dumplings with water spinach just wows. The $6 platter — which can come boiled or pan fried, your pick — feels just as hearty and warming as a plate of pork pillows, but comes entirely filled with garlicky, leafy greens instead.

We should add that the dough is both chewy and soft — flavorfully grainy but subtle, as not to mask the delicate filling.

Year of the Takeout wishes we had room for more.

One thing we will say, though: Some of the selections at Hing Huang might evidence a Thai tendency in contemporary Cantonese takeout .

We don’t want to call it a trend (because the T-word is kinda the bane of journalism …), but we can’t help but notice: The eatery offers a whole Thai section on its menu.

And many of the restaurants visited by YotT have featured “Thai chili wings” pushed by one particular sauce company, with at least one restaurant selling a curry tofu akin to that of a Thai resto — not the yellow, powder-based paste most commonly encountered. Thoughts on this?