Detectives Reprimanded After Evidence Of Drinking On Duty, One Under Further Investigation


As if the NYPD doesn’t find itself embroiled in enough scandals, here’s another. Four detectives are in trouble for drinking on duty at a Washington Heights restaurant last week, the New York Times reports. But the story goes beyond mere boozing, as one of the detectives is being further investigated for his involvement with a waitress at the restaurant. The Internal Affairs Bureau is looking to discover whether he sexually assaulted her or exchanged money with her for sex, according to the Times.

The Times has the woman’s side of the story via a law enforcement official:

Citing the woman’s account, the official said, she told the authorities that she had fallen asleep in the back of the restaurant and awakened to find one of the owners of the restaurant inappropriately touching her. The official did not release his name.

The waitress, who was not identified, also said she remembered that a police officer had at one point escorted her to the back of the restaurant, the official said.

When we called the location of the restaurant where the incident took place, Parrilla, on Broadway between 164th and 165th Street, a man, who declined to reveal his position at the restaurant said he did not know about the incident and had no comment.

The Times got a similar response from a manager, who said “We don’t have any knowledge of anything happening here” and referred the paper to a lawyer.

We have reached out to DCPI and will update if we hear back.

Meanwhile, a law enforcement official told the Times there is “apparently” evidence of all four detectives drinking wine. Their guns and badges were taken away and they were placd on desk duty.