Alex Rodriguez To Jeremy Lin: You Can Stay With Me


This is the stuff fan-fiction dreams are made of. A veteran New York sports star offering up his pad to the newbie in town. It’s like the passing of the torch/merchandising contract. It’s like the plot line of a buddy comedy. Yankee Alex Rodriguez has gone on the record saying that if Knick Jeremy Lin ever needed a place to stay, he has a friend he can call. “If he’s still looking for a place to crash, maybe he can crash at my apartment,” Rodriguez said, according to the AP. “Imagine the tabloids then.” Oh, we’re imagining.

Lin is no stranger to couch-surfing. He slept on teammate Landry Fields’ the night before he launched a thousand puns, and had been previously staying at his brother’s. Though, the A-Rod visit might be unlikely: Lin now has an apartment in White Plains. (Update 11:48 a.m.: We’ve also been alerted to the fact that Lin is renting a condo at the W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences in Manhattan.)

Though the Linsane A-Rod slumber party might be far-fetched, this is not the first time Alex Rodriguez’s dwellings have popped up in the news. That said we’re assuming the interest in a Jeremy Lin sleepover won’t be quite as tawdry.

Even so, we do have burning questions. Some examples: What would they talk about? Would Alex explain what it feels like when public opinion turns on you? Would they gossip about teammates? Share their deep seated feelings on Derek Jeter and the aforementioned Fields? Would they feed each other popcorn?

Really, it’s all a little overwhelming.

At least Lin knows he has yet another high profile admirer. Rodriguez gushed about the basketball player at spring training yesterday:

“Linsanity. Wow. What a run,” Rodriguez said. “You look at the Giants, you look at Linsanity and there’s been so many great things happening in New York. We kind of feel like we want to jump in the party.

“The great thing about Linsanity is that, it kind of reminds you of how fun the game should be,” he added. “For some of us that have been playing for a long time, it’s just the one second you take the game for granted, it makes you realize how much fun the game is.”