T-Minus Three Hours Until The Oscars: Some Hopes And Anticipations


Unless you’ve been living in a box, you’re aware that the Oscars are tonight. While we won’t be live-blogging the event like we did last year [Update: If you were reading Runnin’ Scared this evening, you were probably aware that we were mistaken and we did have live coverage], we do have some hopes and anticipations for tonight’s ceremony. So get in your gown (you do have one, don’t you?), sit down in front of your laptop and read on as we prepare you for your viewing experience, or the experience you will have tomorrow when you try to catch up via blogs and YouTube.

Best Picture
Based on the buzz, it’s looking like The Artist is going to nab this one. Still, there are eight other nominees. Haven’t seen them? No worries, here’s a Tumblr of a baby posing as if in stills from the films. That should be of some service. That said, we should note that the image for The Tree of Life isn’t going to help you if you have no idea what that movie is about — it’s the baby in front of a tree with a box of Life cereal. We, admittedly, haven’t seen it yet, but from what we’ve heard we’re not sure if anyone who has knows what the movie is about either.

Billy Crystal
Okay, so it would have been awesome had the Muppets been hosting the ceremony this year. We’re serious. Did you see how Miss Piggy rocked the BAFTA red carpet? Alas, the Muppets will not be hosting, and we have Billy Crystal instead. But that’s not such a bad thing! Maybe it’s that our love for When Harry Met Sally… will never die. Or maybe it’s because Crystal is something of a human Muppet. (Decide for yourself, this is up for Best Original Song.) Disregarding all of that, Crystal has been a solid hosts in years passed, and if nothing else, knows how to put on a show. The same could not be said for James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Still, next year I’m hoping the producers get wise to the fact that there are younger performers out there who can do a great job and get audiences. Two words: Justin. Timberlake.

The Red Carpet
The red carpet — home base of Oscar-snark — will have its usual sartorial hits and misses, but now, after a bit of controversy, everyone’s waiting to see what Sacha Baron Cohen does to promote his upcoming film The Dictator. We’re interested, but we’re hoping someone overshadows him with an unexpected move à la Bjork or Cher.

Acceptance Speeches
Acceptance speeches can make or break an Oscar show. If they are funny, heartwarming and/or bat-shit crazy (hey, Elinor Burkett), everything’s alright. If they are just plain boring and everyone thanks their mother and spouse, then we’re nowhere. Here’s hoping for great ones, with even better reaction shots from the losers (via The Atlantic).

Lady Power
There’s a fascinating essay over at Salon about the Oscars’ “woman problem.” While nothing that happens tonight will immediately change that, a win for Bridesmaids in the Best Original Screenplay category might remind everyone, yet again, that this is something to which we need to pay attention.

So, go forth and watch, or at least know what you’re going to hear people talking about tomorrow.