Here Is Wheelchair Sports Camp’s New Life-Affirming Video, “Where We All Live”


We’d like to direct your attention to the new video released by CMJ 2011 underdogs Wheelchair Sports Camp, the little Denver band who came to New York this past fall and demonstrated so much fortitude of character they ended up on our front cover. Since we last heard from the psuedo-hop trio, they’ve not only opened for old-school rap-heroes Salt N’ Pepa, thereby playing to their biggest crowd of more than 1000 people, but the Mile High kids also put together a soon-to-be-released EP Where We All Live, and recently posted a video for the EP’s title single.

Shot in a dinosaur sculpture park/playground in Fort Collins, Colorado, the hometown of WSC siblings Abi and Isaac Miller, the clip is a sunny montage of frolicking kids, youthful longing, and one shell-shocked snowball ambush. Featuring the joyously buoyant vocals of sax-player Abi, “Where We All Live” is a carefree rejection of adulthood tedium that’s like the Toys R’ Us theme covered in the style of Arrested Development’s “Everyday People.” There’s also Kalyn Heffernan riding around in a motorized kids’ truck, tying her Sesame Street sneakers, and rapping about the contradictions of her size/age disability dichotomy: “I’ll be that Grandma still ordering kids’ meals/who never learned to ride a bike and is still rollin a Big Wheel.” RIYL: joy, nice people, life.