Dear John Mayer: Thank You For Doing Away With Presales For Your Upcoming Tour


I’m going to open this post with a disclaimer: I get a lot of tickets to concerts for free. But I also know that the hotter the ticket, the tighter the guest list, and if I don’t want to get shut out (or if I want to attend with a friend) of a particular concert, buying tickets is in my best interest. The second-most-annoying thing about the ticket-purchasing process in 2012, though—after the instasellouts enabled by the Internet, that is—is the “presale,” the nefarious password-protected bit of sanctioned line-jumping that winds up making me feel bad about not being “in the know” or not credit-score-worthy enough to get preferential treatment. So kudos to John Mayer, who has announced that his upcoming tour (which will not hit New York City, but which will stop in West Point on April 19) will have paperless ticketing at any venue that can accommodate it and won’t have presales. I probably will not take advantage of these policies, but man do I hope that others out there take his lead, because the “presale” development that has overtaken way too many shows is just a great big fun-sucking fun-sucker, not to mention that the manner in which certain sponsored presales reinforce class stratification in ticket buying is pretty disheartening. (Note, too, that he’s selling tickets to his shows via Ticketmaster, so it’s not like he’s completely operating against standard procedure here.) The statement accompanying his tour announcement below.

In order to accommodate as many concertgoers as possible and provide an equal opportunity for purchasing tickets, there will be no pre-sale ticketing period for this tour.

Important: many of the venues on the tour will utilize Paperless Ticketing for all seats. Instead of receiving tickets before the event, the credit card used to make the purchase will serve as your ticket. Paperless tickets can be bought and sold via Ticketmaster TicketExchange (resale prices for tickets can be no more than 20% above face value). It is very important to review all the policies of Paperless Ticketing before completing your purchase – details and a helpful FAQ can be found here.

In the event that Paperless Ticketing is not enabled, the venue’s best seats will be available at Will Call only on the night of the show. These will be handled on a venue to venue basis. All those picking up tickets from Will Call must immediately enter the venue. Tickets at Will Call are non-transferable (name changes not permitted).

The best seats will be available at Will Call only at certain venues?! Is Mayer trying to bring back the era of sleeping outside for concert tickets, too? Why am I foreseeing a cover of Le Tigre’s “Get Off The Internet” in his future?