Edmund White And Larry Kramer Buried The Hatchet


And the entire LGBT community can rest a little easier.

In the new Gay & Lesbian Review, author Edmund White says:

“Kramer is notoriously provocative.

“Larry was resentful that I was away living in Paris in the middle of the AIDS crisis.

“And he was pissed off that I had written a biography of Jean Genet when every gay writer should have been focusing on AIDS.

“In response, Larry decided to attack my book and denounce me to the public even before the book came out in America.”

But since then, adds White, “we’ve buried the hatchet” — hopefully in Rick Santorum’s back.

Meanwhile, White might be stirring up a whole other feud by telling the magazine what he thought of the movie A Single Man.

“I liked Colin Firth, ” he said, “but felt the film was a lot like a Tom Ford fashion ad.

“But then, I’m very attracted to the book.”