James Carter, Convicted Murderer and Gun Trafficker, Gets 16 Years in Prison (UPDATE)


James Carter, an ex-con with murder on his rap sheet, will spend 16 years behind bars for illegally selling firearms — including semiautomatic handguns and a sawed-off shotgun, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced today.

Carter, 45, was just sentenced. He had pleaded guilty Jan. 23 to criminal sale of a firearm in the first degree.

Here’s how they nabbed him: Undercover cops posing as crims bought 13 guns from Carter between June 2010 and June 2011. Eight of the guns were sold with ammo. All but one buy took place in Manhattan.

In July, DNAinfo reported that Carter had previously done time in Pennsylvania for a 1990 murder and other felonies. Runnin’ Scared has put in calls to law enforcement agencies to get details on these charges.

UPDATE: The D.A. just got in touch with us and confirmed Carter’s 1990 imprisonment.

In 2011, 199 people were shot in Manhattan, according to the D.A.

Thirty of them were wounded fatally.